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Furi new Pro Santoku Set 2pc


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The Furi Pro Knife Range is made of tough Japanese stainless steel. Furi knives uniquely wedge shaped handle reduces hand fatigue and is anti-slip making this ideal for professional chefs or home cooking enthusiasts.

This beautifully presented Furi Pro East West Santoku Knife Set features two Santoku Knives at 13 cm and 17 cm and is a must have for any kitchen and will make a perfect gift for the cooking enthusiast. These state of the art Knives provide amazing control with the key features being a tall blade for chopping small pieces of meat and vegetables, a rounded blade provides a smooth chopping motion and the large flat sides are perfect for squashing and crushing. With scalloped edges for ease of slicing, these indentations run in the same direction as the Knife slices in order for the food to not stick to the sides of the knife.

  • Each knifes seamless construction is designed for strength, balance and weight
  • Manufacturing with precision & quality at the forefront of Furi
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water, and dry thoroughly after washing
  • Japanese Pressed Stainless Steel