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Global. Yanagi. Sashimi knife 25cm G-11


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The G-11 25cm Yanagi is a specialist Japanese knife for preparing sushi and sashimi. The long single bevelled blade allows the user to make clean, controlled cuts in a single stoke. The back face of the blade is concaved which creates non-stick properties and allows sliced pieces to be removed easily after cutting. This prevents tearing and bruising of the flesh. As this knife is made from a single bevelled edge, it can only be sharpened by using a whetstone. We recommend using a super fine grit stone to finish the sharpening process as it will create a smooth and shiny surface that will maximise taste of the fish.

The G-11 is made from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, specially developed by GLOBAL as it holds a razor-sharp edge and resists rust, stains and corrosion. Ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-58, each knife is carefully weighted by filling the handles with sand to achieve the optimum weight and perfect balance. Other unique features include its smooth contours and seamless construction which eliminates food and dirt traps offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

The G-11 is manufactured exclusively for right hand users, however a left-handed version (G-11L) is available on request.


  • CROMOVA 18 stainless steel blade, edge retains razor sharpness and resists rust, stains and corrosion.
  • Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge, provides unsurpassed performance and superior edge retention.
  • Ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-C58.
  • Smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.
  • Perfectly balanced handles precisely calibrated to offset the weight of the blade.
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Made in Japan