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Knife sharpener for SG2 and VG10 Damascus knives

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Model 37022

Made in Japan

豪G O U g o e s b e y o n d . 豪GOU is a registered trade mark of Yaxell Corporation.
This word means‘ The Superb’ in Japanese.

Knife sharpener for SG2 and VG10 Damascus knives


1. Two grinding wheels are whetstones WA#400 grit.
2. A water roller with a mini pool ensures smooth grinding.
3. The transparent cover enables better grinding control.
4. Easy opening and closing of the window using two fingers.
5. Users can exchange the whetstones.
6. Both single and double sided knives can be sharpened.
7. You can sharpen up to 5000 times.
8. The sharpening angle is 30 degrees.
9. The wide slots do not damage the surface of the knife blade.
10. Users’ manual is available in 9 languages.


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GOU by Yaxell