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Keith Brymer Jones Mr Fox Mug Denim/Orange


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Code: KBJSC-0258

This Mr Fox mug features Mr Fox himself in bright, zesty colours characteristic of Scion Living. Perfectly sized to hold 350ml, this Mr Fox mug is carefully crafted from the finest quality porcelain and is ideal for adding unbeatable style to your daily cuppa.

Do you recognise the iconic Mr Fox motif? This contemporary Mr Fox mug was designed collaboratively by renowned ceramicist Keith Brymer Jones crafting the mug’s shape and the Scion designers creating the Scandi-inspired artwork. Displayed in a trendy denim blue with the original orange fox, this Mr Fox mug is not only stylish but practical in the modern home by being both dishwasher and microwave safe. The Mr Fox design started off life in the Scion studio in Leicestershire before it was put onto designer fabric and wallpaper. Then in 2012, Scion and MAKE International began working together to place Mr Fox on a wide range of ceramics and tableware. This Mr Fox mug in denim blue makes a charming gift which will add a delightful dash of colour into any kitchen. It always looks fantastic but especially when mixed and matched with the other Scion Living characters and products.