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Shun Classic. Slicing Knife 30cm


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Model: DM-0745

Made in Japan

This stunningly beautiful line of classic cutlery features the look and benefits of Damascus steel, yet without its rusting problems. The Damascus-look blade profile reduces sticking and results in less damage to the food being cut and faster prep times.

– VG-10 stainless steel is clad with 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon steel on each side, producing a 33-layer rust-free Damascus look
– VG-10 “super steel” is composed of Carbon, Chromium, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Silicon, and Vanadium
– Shun Classics feature Ebony-black PakkaWood handles specifically designed for premium applications
– Stainless-steel bolsters and end caps
– NSF approved

In addition to their clad VG-10 blades, The Shun Classics also feature our uniquely stable “D” shape handle design.

The “D” shape rests precisely in the curve of the fingers as they curl around the handle. The asymmetrical bolster is ground out more on the right side to provide proper finger placement and an easy, secure grip. The knives balance perfectly, with the pivot point just ahead of where the handle sweeps out of the blade. Shun Classics may be special ordered for left-handed userswith the asymmetrical bolster ground out on the left side for ideal finger placement.

The black PakkaWood handles provide the beauty of genuine wood, butsince the wood is impregnated with a waterproof resinthe handles are as durable as plastic and dishwasher safe, too.

The Shun Classic 12” Hollow-Ground Pro Slicing Knife is crafted using traditional Japanese knife-making methods, with an exceptionally hard core of VG10 steel at the center of it. This long, elegant knife offers an impressive 12” blade – longer than most slicers – to enable cutting a slice of large roasts with a single pass while retaining flavorful juices within each slice. Hollow-ground indentations along the side of the blade help prevent food from sticking to the blade as you slice and carve, while the rounded tip lets the blade keep full contact with delicate meats while avoiding tearing. An excellent choice for slicing salmon and other fish, as well as a variety of meats.

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