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Victorinox Cutlery Block Set 11 Piece Wood handles


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Key features
  • The optimal combination for versatile usage
  • Swiss made knife block housing 11 pieces
  • All pieces with high-quality wooden handles and elegant design
    Item number 5.1150.11
    Size 351 x 180 x 90 mm
    Weight 2462 g

Versatile 11-Piece Cutlery Block

Every piece required in any kitchen is included in our 11-piece Wood Cutlery Block, which combines the exceptional quality expected of Victorinox blades with the timeless elegance of natural wood. Part of the Wood line, for which each handle is made of highly robust wood carefully hand-polished for a smooth, comfortable-to-hold surface, the eight knives come accompanied by a carving fork, a potato peeler and a sharpening steel to keep everything in efficient working order for longer. Multifunctional, natural and stylish, this block fulfills the needs of every cooking job.


  • Potato Peeler, single edge
  • Wood Paring Knife, pointed tip, 10 cm
  • Wood Paring Knife, wavy edge, pointed tip, 10 cm
  • Wood Bread Knife, wavy edge, 21 cm
  • Wood Carving Knife, 18 cm
  • Wood Carving Knife, 19 cm
  • Wood Carving Knife, 22 cm
  • Wood Carving Fork, 15 cm
  • Wood Paring knife, pointed tip, 8 cm
  • Wood Paring Knife, wavy edge, pointed tip, 8 cm
  • Domestic Sharpening Steel, round


Height 90 mm
Net weight 2462 g


Handle material Modified Maple
Dishwasher safe No
Material beech wood

PLEASE NOTE: This product is online ONLY! And will take up to 5 working days to processing.


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