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Victorinox Forged Chef Kitchen Knife 15cm


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Model: 7740315G

These Victorinox knives are smaller than a chef’s knife but larger than a paring knife giving you the power of the former with the agility of the latter. While the stainless steel straight edge blade of the utility knife is great at chopping vegetable and slicing through meat it also excels at paring fruits dicing messy tomatoes and even boning small animals. As soon as you take the Victorinox 15.2cm Forged Utility Knife out of the box you’ll marvel at its smooth lines and beautiful shape and once you grab hold of the ergonomic Forged handle you won’t want to stop cooking. When you’re not sure what knife to use for the job play it safe with the knife that does it all: the Victorinox 15.2cm Forged Wide Paring Knife.

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