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Victorinox Midnite Minichamp Swiss Army Knife


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Model: 06386

Made in Switzerland

It's a little knife with big ambitions. With no less than 17 functions including a bright LED flashlight packed into a slim profile that easily slips into your pocket, the Midnite MiniChamp pocket knife is the champion among small knives. Keep it with you all day long and you won't even notice it's there. That is until duty calls, and then the MiniChamp is at your service. Pull it out and win the day.

The "Midnite MiniChamp" features:
1. blade
2. letter opener (blade)
3. orange peeler
4. scraper
5. pressurised ballpoint pen
6. bottle opener
7. Phillips screwdriver 0/1 (magnetic)
8. wire stripper
9. nail file
10. nail cleaner
11.screwdriver 2mm
12 ruler (cm)
13. ruler (inches)
14. scissors
15. key ring
16. LED (white)
18. cuticle pusher

Net weight: 45g
Size: 65mm
Colour: Red

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