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Victorinox Paring knife Wood 10cm


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A paring knife is amongst the most important kitchen utensil a chef can have, because it is small and sharp enough to do delicate work no other knife can. It is often underused because most people think that such a knife is too small to do anything important. Cutting, dicing, preparing, turning: the versatile Victorinox vegetable knives are suitable for all types of vegetable preparation. The wide selection of blade shapes and sizes, both serrated and non-serrated, guarantees you the perfect knives for any vegetable. Let that fruit or vegetable know who is boss and create intricate cuts and inspired garnishing or sophisticated decorating. Other than that paring knives are ideal for removing peels or the veins of a shrimp, but also for deseeding fruits and vegetables with dexterity. This Victorinox paring knife is ideal for chopping and slicing. The paring knife has a slightly curved blade that curves up to a sharp point. The sharp edge is suited to and de-seeding fruits and vegetables.

  • Extra sharp
  • Natural wood Handle
  • 100% Swiss-made
  • Hand wash only