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E-Cloth Kitchen Cloth 2-Pack

There is no need to struggle with those tough cleaning challenges, when e-cloth’s Kitchen Pack provides everything you need to

E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth Set Of 4

Always up for some good clean fun, E-Cloth General Purpose Cloths tackle nearly every household cleaning task on your list.

E-Cloth Window Mitt

The next best thing to a helper that hides in a magic lamp, the E-Cloth Window Genie is your shortcut

E-Cloth Dusting Glove

Take dusting into your own hands with the E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Glove. It picks up dust, pollen, pet hair

E-Cloth Window Cloth 2-Pack

Cleaning with blue mystery sprays and mountains of paper towels makes us uneasy, too. That’s why there’s the E-Cloth Window

E-Cloth Home Cloth 8 PC Set

With one purchase, the E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set equips you to clean and shine every surface in your home, from

E-Cloth Washing Up Pad

“Two-faced is an insult. Unless you’re an E-Cloth Washing Up Pad. Then it’s a compliment for your dazzling versatility. The E-Cloth

E-Cloth High Performance Tea Towels Blue

Four times more absorbent than an ordinary cotton dish towel, the E-Cloth Classic Check Dish Towel dries dishes, glassware, and

E-Cloth Dusting Cloth 2 Pack

The E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Cloth has dry dusting and damp cleaning down. Used dry, the cloths extralong, extra-fine fibers

E-Cloth Granite & Stone Cloth 2-Pack

The E-Cloth Granite & Stone Pack is all you need to protect your home investment, removing grease, grime, and over

E-Cloth Stainless Steel Cloth 2-Pack

All you need to keep stainless steel looking as good as its name, this E-Cloth pack includes 1 Stainless Steel

E-Cloth Shower Cloth 2-Pack

The E-Cloth Shower Pack holds the one-two punch your cleaning routine is missing. With a specialized microfiber cloth for removing