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set of 12 baking cups perfect for making muffins, frittatas, and a variety of single serve treats. Made from high

Silikomart Mini Cannelé

The Mini Cannelé is the perfect mould to stimulate your creativity and inspire your mind in creating new and innovative dishes.

Silikomart SILICONE MOULD Universo 600

Simply everything in one shape. Harmonious, roundish and enveloping lines designed for this mould that in its seeming simplicity would

Silikomart Silicone Christmas Cookie Kit

Make Christmas Cookies today with the Christmas Cookie Cutter Kit. The kit consists of a practical pastry cutter and a

Silikomart Quenelle 10

The QUENELLE 10 mould is suitable for the creation of 20 sweet or savoury perfectly 3D quenelles of 10ml volume

Silikomart Oblio 95

Sinuosity and three-dimensionality make Oblio95 an elegant mould for single portions. Ideal for plated desserts or as a refined pastry

Silicone Mini Cakes Silicone Mould

Create delicious mini cakes with this simple and high quality mould by Silikomart.  Endless options with this simple shape! We

Silikomart Gem 100

Light your shop window up or impress your friends with the GEM100. Classic and modern at the same time, the

Silikomart Silicone CUBO Large cube

The Large Cube is made with the highest quality material. Only food-grade silicone is used to create this beautiful looking

Silikomart Plissé 7

The haute couture lands in the world of pastry with the mould Plissé7 conceived with the Pastry World Champion Jérôme

Silikomart Clindro Silicone Mould

The Clindro Silicone Mould is the perfect mould to make ‘mini cakes’ marvellously detailed and simply stunning. The silicone itself

Silikomart Fashion Eclair 80

A flash of taste will brighten up your shop window. A classic pastry shape revisited in a modern key in