Taidea Ceramic Sharpening Rod 10″ | 25cm

Used for Honing your knives. Durable, non-slip. Sanitary plastic handle, fine ceramic Features: High-performance ceramics ensure effective sharpening results. Super

Atlantic Steel Round 300mm

Round knife sharpening steel helps maintain sharp knives by honing the edges after each use Medium-fine steel Hard chrome-plated and

Shun Combination Honing Steel 23cm

As you use your knife, the razor-sharp edge naturally bends over just a fraction as the edge contacts the cutting

Victorinox Steel. Household 200 mm

Model: 78013 Victorinox [Vic78013] Domestic Sharpening Steel 200mm- round – black plastic handle – total length: 340mm – width: 30mm

Zwilling Sharpening Steel – 23cm

The Zwilling Sharpening Steel features a ridged surface with a highly carbonised and hard chrome plated steel, to ensure a

Zwilling Oval Diamond Coated Steel – 26cm

Featuring a diamond coating which gives knives an extremely fine sharpness when honed, the Zwilling Oval Diamond Coated Steel will

Victorinox 12″ Butchers steel 30cm

Model: 78413 Use to keep your knife sharp Excellent handle grip, special for butcher at work Chromium plated, hardness 65HRC