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Seki Magoroku Shoso Chefs Knife 15cm

The Shoso Chefs Knife is shaped in the traditional European style and is an all purpose knife suitable for chopping,

Shun Kanso Utility Knife 15cm

Kai Shun Kanso 15cm Utility knife, a multi-purpose knife that is between a paring and chefs knife. Great for precise

Shun Combination Honing Steel 23cm

As you use your knife, the razor-sharp edge naturally bends over just a fraction as the edge contacts the cutting

Seki Magoroku Whetstone Combo 1000/4000 Grit

Whetstone type: Combination Typical use: Dual sided grit for sharpening and polishing. Combination of the most commonly used grits, #1000

Seki Magoroku KK Yanagiba 30cm

This Kai knife is part of the Seki Magoroku range of knives. Many celebrated swords were born in the Seki